Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves

by Life Erased

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released June 30, 2010



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Life Erased Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Hallowed Retribution
Hallowed Retribution

Smite Thy Enemy with the Curse
Plague Their Dreams, O' Daemon Hordes

I Summon the One
Who Will Cut Them Down
I Conjure the Sun
Burn Them to the Ground

Strike with Sacred Summoning
Sever the Screams that still remain
Track Name: Apathetic Ways
Apathetic Ways

What a boring Existence
Absolutely no resistance
To the confines of Apathy
Soon your life will atrophy

Sucked in!

Can't you see that I am superior?
To your apathetic ways
Your character deteriorates
As you squander your best of Days

Apathetic Ways!

Live a life of pain and strife
Contemplate your suicide
None will be left to decide
The Path of the Light inside
Track Name: Stench of Rotting Minds
The Stench of Rotting Minds

The putrefying stench, of your Filth
Chokes My Breath, My lungs fill
With the Decay of Your Spiritual dismay
Disarray soon takes you away

Wasted Potential
Smells of rotting flesh to Me
Safe & gentle
In your world of make believe

Wither Away!
They Wither Away!

An idle mind
Reeks of total despair
You're paying a fine
Wasting Youth without a care

Track Name: Usurpers

We must Unite, reveal their disguise!
A Nation of Lies, attack in the Night!
They are the Ones who desensitize
Slash their face, gouge out their Eyes

They'll build it back up, We'll tear it back down
The Suffering ends right fucking now
Controlling Matter but not Our Minds
We have the strength to Transcend confines

Right Fucking Now!
Track Name: Chaos In It's Wake
Chaos In It's Wake

I am the One centered in Lies
I shall become Force in the Might
Hung Dead Gods, the Aeon is here
Force-fed Lies serving Our Fears

Their Spell Breaks
Chaos in It's Wake
Crush Their Way
None of Their Words will stay

Horrors of Violence blinding the Sight
Honor of Silence bind those who fight
The annals of Time echo with Hate
Death races in sealing Our Fate

Do You see Their Perverted Sigil?
The Millions dead without Vigil
They laugh as They spill Your Blood
Hide the Sun as We wait for The Flood
Stolen Symbols & Holy Days
Fatal Sins and No One will pay
Burned Our Scrolls and Our Trees
Nows the Time, Their Power We must seize!

And Rise to Strike the Right!

Religion Rapes the Third World
Crimes committed from the Inside
Control Creates the Unfurled
Rebels rising from the Outside
Track Name: Sentenced To Life
Sentenced to Life

Blood on the Floor
Blood in the Sky
Been here before
Sent here to Die
Existence no more
Children will cry
Symptoms of War
Bombs are to fly

The roots of Suffering are in the Mind
The Last Days are ending due to the Blind
No Pain will spare those who stand in the Line
For all Corruption ends at the right time

These are Last of Days
Time slowly slips away
I'm left here to pay
All starts to dissipate

Sentenced to Life, I choose to Die
Existence is Pain, Red-colored rain